Introducing Elise Ruthven

In this ongoing series, we will interview the dedicated team at Hastings Physiotherapy and discover the skill, commitment and people behind the business.

By the age of ten Elise had already decided she was going to grow up to be a physiotherapist. She still remembers the exact moment her destiny was determined, “My grandmother cut out a newspaper article on physiotherapy, she gave me the clipping and I stuck it straight up on the wall and that was that, it stayed up on the wall until I graduated.” 

Elise’s strong will and determination is a characteristic that has helped her achieve many things in her life including attending the NSW State Athletics Carnival for long jump and high jump while at school. This determination now translates to the care and treatment she provides for her patients. “When Elise sets you a target, there’s no stopping until you achieve it” one patient tells with a smile.  

After treating for a number of years at Forester Tuncurry Physio, Elise relocated to Port Macquarie and she has been with Hastings Physiotherapy ever since. When asked what she enjoys about working at Hastings Physio, she says “I love the openness of our practice, it’s such a fun environment to work, and the open plan environment allows for continuous learning.” 

When asked for her favourite quote, Elise responded with, “Before Physiotherapy, I was a pain in the neck.” We think this quote sums up Elise’s personality perfectly. 

At Hastings Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Centre we pride ourselves on providing excellent physiotherapy services by using hands-on therapy and prescribing the right treatments to get you moving again.  

Physiotherapy services are available at our clinic located in the Hermitage Centre, 72-80 Lake Road Port Macquarie. Call 6583 2111 for an appointment today. 

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Introducing Elise Ruthven