Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Physiotherapy Session

Have you just booked your first physiotherapy appointment but you’re not sure what to expect? Here are our top three tips to ensure you get the most out of your sessions:

1. Preparation is Key
There are two tips here to keep in mind. The first is your clothing. Wearing the right clothing can be important as the physiotherapist will need to observe and physically assess the injured or painful area. If you have rolled your ankle, we will want to see the entire lower leg. Wearing shorts and removing your shoes will allow the best access to this area. 
 If, on the other hand, you are seeking treatment for a shoulder injury, be prepared to slip off your top. For our female patients we would encourage you to consider wearing a top with very skinny straps. Or, if all else fails, we will happily provide you with a gown or towel for your modesty. Your comfort and privacy are very important to us. 

The second tip to bear in mind when it comes to preparation is to remember to bring with you any previous X-rays, ultrasounds or scans in relation to your injury. The reports that often accompany these scans are of equal importance, so be sure to bring those too. If you have a referral or any other correspondence from your GP, please give these to the receptionist when you arrive.
2. Tell Your Story
The physiotherapist will spend time at the start of the session asking you questions about your injury. Please don’t be afraid to tell the truth! You would be amazed at all the different ways that people injure themselves and this plays a significant role in enabling the physiotherapist to diagnose the problem.

3. Do Your Homework There is no doubt that all our patients would prefer a quick and instant fix when they come to see us, however for most injuries, the healing process can take a little longer. Your physiotherapist will generally give you a few specific exercises to complete. 
These exercises will be specific to your condition and they are designed to prolong the benefits of your treatment session by decreasing pain, strengthening muscles and/or increasing your range of motion. 
The more diligent you are with your home exercises, the better your outcomes will be. 

If you are considering physiotherapy, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team. We would love to help you achieve your goals.

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Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Physiotherapy Session