Introducing one of our amazing and dedicated patients, Melesse

From the age of just three years old, Melesse has had a passion for dancing. Whilst she has trained in tap, jazz and musical theatre it seems her heart belongs only to ballet. 

Over the last few years, as Meleese's training load has increased, she has had to work hard to overcome a number of injuries. Unfortunately, Meleese was sidelined for 12 weeks earlier this year with an ankle injury. 

Through her persistence, hard work and dedication, Meleese was not only able to overcome this injury and to return to the sport she loves, but she was able to go on to be selected to train and perform with the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. 

Most recently Meleese was selected to perform at the Showcase Gala with the Victorian State Ballet and is now tipped to dance with the Russian Ballet later this year. 

Melesse, we are so proud of you and it is a pleasure to work with a patient as dedicated as you are. You are an inspiration to us all. 

Photo Credit: Belinda Strodder-Photography

Introducing one of our amazing and dedicated patients, Melesse--