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What To Expect - A General Guide to Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy involves a variety of treatments including exercises, stretches, physical (hands-on) techniques and electrotherapy to improve mobility and decrease pain. 

Physiotherapists are highly educated health professionals who assess, diagnose, treat, and help prevent a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders in patients of all ages and physical abilities. 

A typical physiotherapy session starts with a consultation where the therapist listens to your concerns and assesses the injured area. The therapist will work with you on a treatment plan based on your goals and needs. 

The number of follow-up sessions recommended depends on the complexity of your injury or condition. The number of treatments needed is variable. Your therapist will be able to develop a plan for you that may require home exercises. Whichever the path, we will help you understand why you are feeling pain, what treatment is necessary to recover and how to prevent further injury.

After your final session, your therapist will provide you with self-management techniques that you can continue to do to maintain your desired mobility and assist with prevention.

Everyone’s body is different. There are many effective physiotherapy treatments that therapists use in tandem to help patients get back to their normal way of living as quickly as possible. Although your injury may be similar to a friend’s, please do not assume the same treatment and exercises are right for you.

What To Expect - A General Guide to Physiotherapy


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